Planning a Quick Getaway? Here are 5 Must-Have Things to Pack

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Getaways are special gifts that you present to yourself. It is a time when you can relax, wear beautiful dresses and rejuvenate. Getaways save you from burnouts and allow you to unwind and enjoy and get rid of all the accumulated tensions. So, whenever the opportunity comes just pack your bag with frocks and gowns and head off for a quick getaway. Here are five must haves things that you need to pack on your getaways.


Toiletries are an important part of your daily life and you need them along with you. Many hotels and resorts provide complementary toiletries, but, they may be of an inferior quality, or some part of the toiletries may be missing. So, it is best if you have some essential items with you. Just pack your shaving cream, moisturizer, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup kit, and hair essentials (comb, hairbands, etc.) and you are ready to face the world clean and fresh. Do remember to take smaller versions of these items to reduce shelf space.

All Purpose Shoes

You need to get an all-purpose pair of shoes that goes along well with both casual dresses and party wear dresses. In your getaway you would want to be casually dressed but, certain occasion may demand haute couture dresses. Hence, your shoes should grace all the occasions and be neutral in colour while being comfortable. You could choose sneakers and sandals to mix and match with different dresses.

Dresses and Accessories

Your dresses should reflect your style along with the season and the purpose of your getaway. An all-girl outing to a new city would demand a different set of clothes than a hiking trip. Some regular dresses like jeans and tops are suitable for all occasions. Girls specifically like to wear western dresses on getaways to show their free spirit. Do remember to keep a fleece jacket for a cold emergency. Underwear, pajamas, windbreaker, socks, belt, shorts, sunglasses with case, light jewellery, cell phone charger, handkerchiefs, ear plugs and eye masks complete the list. Do keep the clothes rolled rather than folded as it takes less space



Food is an important part of our lives and you must always keep some healthy, ready-to-eat food handy for times of emergency. The snacks should be kept in your regular bag or purse so that whenever you are hungry or in a hurry, you can easily get access to them. Some snacking ideas are fruit and nut chocolate bars, roasted or raw dry fruits, biscuits and cookies and fruits. You can carry a small tiffin box and stuff it with washed fruits to have some quick food. You can also keep some packed beverages like flavoured milk or fruit juices although you need to consume them in short span of time to save from getting spoiled.

Cards, Cash and Change

Money is vital to any transaction, so apart from your cards remember to have some accessible cash and change in hand. There are still many places that do not accept card and so if you do not have proper cash and change then you may find yourself in a fix. Ladies can wear dress with pockets to have easy access to change, or a light sling bag would do the trick and help them to be hands free to explore and enjoy.

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