We are massive animal lovers. Our animal companions hold a special place in our heart. And, we’ve always believed that rescue is the best breed of all! Don’t you agree?

Over the years, we’ve met some wonderful individuals and worked closely with many organizations who’ve dedicated their life to animals. Rescuing and rehabilitating sick, injured and abused animals are their life’s goal and nothing deters them from their mission.

On this page, we hope to bring to you the stories of some of these amazing people and organizations and give you a peek into their amazing lives as well as the lives of the animals they save.

And, finally, if you would like to help these wonderful humans and organizations, then all you need to do is shop! For every sale made from our website, a part of the proceeds will be donated to these individuals and shelters.

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Our Unsung Heroes

Mrs. Bharti Tulsidas Kangya, or, as she is fondly called, ‘kutte wali aunty’ (the aunty with dogs) is a familiar face in the canine world around Thane. She is absolutely loved and adored by everyone, whether two-legged or four-legged, for her undying love and dedication towards all animals.

Mrs.Bharti has been the voice for the voiceless for almost 35 years now and this incredible woman, through her sheer drive, determination and passion, has singlehandedly saved the lives of hundreds of our canine friends. Her home is a refuge for all abused and abandoned animals where she currently takes care of 10 dogs and 5 cats. Her abode is nothing short of a sanctuary for these furry babies. Not only has she been dedicatedly taking care of her fur babies in her house, she also regularly feeds and looks after the medical needs of all the dogs and cats around her house. Her feeding routine includes the regular feeding of crows as well! Apart from this, she also helps out needy pet owners, who cannot afford their pets’ medical treatments, by providing them with medical support.

When asked what motivated her to devote a large portion of her life to her canine, feline and feathered friends, her answer is simple: Love. While she may be the undeniably sweet and adorable aunty, she can be a mighty force to reckon with where fighting for the rights of abused animals is concerned. For 35 years she has been constantly fighting for the welfare of animals and has even taken to the streets to demand justice for them.

While animals cannot fight for themselves, amazing personalities like Mrs.Bharti work to do it for them. Mrs. Bharti is a remarkable woman who continues to work for the welfare of animals without seeking the limelight and has been forging a superb legacy we can all follow.

Mrs. Ritu Sharma Bhagwat, also known as Janvi Sharma and her husband are familiar faces in the animal welfare world in Thane. They are instrumental in starting a feeding drive for many stray dogs around their neighborhood and works tirelessly to rescue animals that are in need of immediate medical help. Janvi is truly an angel in disguise for paralyzed dogs, who would have otherwise lived miserable lives on the streets. She takes them in and looks after their every need – truly a remarkable lady!

This is her story, in her own words: “I am an animal activist, an animal lover and I work for our Indian stray animals. I have been doing so for the last eight years. It all started when I started feeding my society dog in 2011.

My husband and I were merely feeders and use to feed society dogs at night. As time passed, we got attached to these dogs and shockingly, we came across a number of incidents involving animal cruelty. Being an animal lover, I could not tolerate this cruelty and came forward to help these helpless beings. In the process, I got acquainted with all the legal formalities. Now I work as a full time animal activist handling cruelty cases.

I have adopted 5 Indies from my own campus in 2013 when a lady tried to poison them. I added one more to this list last year with a two legged dog who had lost her hind legs in a horrible train accident when she was merely two months old. I used to rescue a lot of animals who had met with accidents or were in distress and would take them to the animal hospital or a NGO for treatment. Most times however, the NGOs would not have any more space to admit another animal and seeing its critical condition, we couldn’t leave it on the streets. That’s when I started fostering Indies at home. Slowly, I started getting foster requests for animals that were rescued by other animal lovers. I charge a minimum amount for foster just to cover the medication and food of these animals. I mostly take in Indian dogs or abandoned/ distressed breed dogs that need care as they cannot survive on the streets.  I have a three year old daughter and she also loves all animals specially dogs and plays with all the dogs in our foster home.

I along with my team also carry out outdoor programs like vaccination camps and water bowl drives. I feed approximately 50 dogs daily including dogs from my campus, nearby areas, my own pet dogs and animals that are in my foster home.  I also take in paralyzed dog cases and take care of them. I run my old car as an ambulance, to take my fosters as well as other needy animals for vet visits. I provide pick and drop facility for my fosters too, if needed.

I have converted my own flat into a foster home just to help these needy Indies and provide them with the comfort and care they require to get well soon. Animal welfare was my passion since childhood and I try my level best to serve these Indies in any capacity possible and will continue doing so in future.”

Janvi is truly an inspiring woman and her years of dedication and love for our Indie dogs encourages and motivates us. We are honored to know such a strong and outspoken animal rights activist and she represents a new generation of women fighting for the rights of every animal.

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