As a cruelty-free brand, we had to do a lot of studying into all the materials we had decided to use, to ensure they were in line with our principles and beliefs. Indian handlooms offered us the most variety and we were soon engrossed in learning about the myriad ways in which various natural materials were used to create intrinsically beautiful prints. One such printing process which amazed us was Dabu printing.

Dabu Print

Even though Dabu printing has been around in India for decades, heck centuries, the allure of this style is gaining much prominence in this century though. The usage of Dabu printed materials to create stylish indo-western outfits, gorgeous maxi dresses, elegant jumpsuits and chic tops is gaining immense popularity. But did you know that Dabu printing uses mud to create those incredible patterns? Stunned? So were we

This is how the story goes – Once upon a time, a Rangrej (a man who coloured clothes for a living), did not notice some mud clung to his dhoti on his trip back from the river banks. The next day, this dhoti with the mud was introduced to a vat of indigo along with his other clothes. Once the clothes dried, the Rangrej noticed the parts covered with the mud were not coloured indigo. Amazed, the Rangrej decided to experiment some more with this technique and thus discovered the Dabu printing technique.

This practice of Dabu printing is widely prevalent in Rajasthan and its origin can be traced to the 8th century. They were used extensively to create exquisite ghagras, worn by the womenfolk and were locally called Fetiya. Today, this style of printing has gained immense popularity and Dabu printed textiles are used to create a wide variety of western and indo-western clothing, especially to create stunning bohemian looks.


The Dabu mud is usually made from locally sourced black mud, mixed with calcium, limestone, gum and waste wheat chaff. This paste is then sieved through a net to remove any stones or

minerals and finally the dhabu or mud paste is ready to use. Various blocks with deep grooves are then immersed into this paste and stamped onto the fabric. The printed fabric is now dried under the sun. Once dried, the fabrics are dipped into vats of indigo, which is the most common colour used, though other colours such as grey, yellow and red are also used. Once the fabric is dyed, they are washed to remove the mud and dried again to reveal the final beauty.

The process is a lengthy and labor-intensive, true, and there is no short-cut to it, but, the beauty of what is created by the hands of these artisans cannot be compared to anything made by a machine and it truly is an epitome of Indian heritage.


Now that you’ve landed the perfect job, we bet the first thing running through your mind is a quick trip to your favorite clothing store (either that brick and mortar store or the online store) to stock up on some essentials and wardrobe must-haves, appropriate for your workplace. And, these will include not just those beautiful dresses and elegant formal outfits, but also accessories, shoes, bags et al.

When you have to wear one outfit for hours on end, as you will need to do for all the hours that you are at work, it becomes necessary that you select clothes which are comfortable, casual (if your workplace allows for it) yet stylish. Handloom dresses are one such style that checks all the boxes! Immensely popular these days, they not only look beautiful but exude elegance and charisma.


But, what other essentials do you need to stock up on? Without further ado, here’s a list of five working woman must-haves.


1. The Structured Tote: Yes, this is an absolute must-have for every working woman. A big solid bag that can hold everything you need in exquisite style. Invest in a monochromatic tote bag with a timeless design, which can complement most outfits.


2. The Classic Blazer: The quintessential item, which can turn any outfit into a formal ensemble. Wear it with a dress or jeans, or even a maxi dress and it automatically converts the look into a professional one. The ideal blazer to invest in would be a black one.


3. The Comfortable Maxis: Yes, over the years, style options have evolved and come a long way, so that maxi dresses are no longer considered as just beachwear. Stylish cotton maxi dresses in amazing prints such as Kalamkari or Dabu prints are totally work appropriate and are the perfect outfits to wear on those days when you don’t want to dress up, yet want to look amazing. Invest in two or three maxi dresses and style them with various accessories, to get a new look each time.

Cotton Maxi Dress


4. The Pointy-Toe Shoes: It’s quite impossible to wear heels all day, every day to work. This is where these pointy-toe shoes come in. Whether flats or heels, pointy toes look sleek and amazing and can raise the style quotient of any outfit immediately. Invest in some neutral shades and a definite black one.


5. The Crisp Shirts: A few tailored shirts are a definitive must-have in your wardrobe. These shirts flatter everyone and can be easily paired with formal pants, flared pants, jeans or skirts. White, black, brown, light shades of pink, blue, red and cream in wrinkle-free materials are your best bet.


Monsoon is a romantic month with sailing clouds, enchanting waterfalls, entrenching rain and fun rain dances, loud music, hot corns, and cosy indoors. Monsoon makes the earth green and air fresh. However, monsoon also acts as a party spoiler and prevents you from wearing all your haute couture dresses and accessories. Yet, there is special style mantra even for the rainy season which would keep you looking hot and desirable. This monsoon season walk the town in short causal dresses and remain enthralling. Here are five stylish monsoon trends from dress to shoes that would make heads turn your way.


Bold and Vibrant
Bold colours are grabbing attention. Bright colours like pink, red, orange, green, blue, yellow, and mix of electric and fluorescent not only make you look stylish but also increases your visibility in the blinding downpour. So, choose all your casual dresses including your raincoats and umbrellas in bold and vibrant tints so that vehicles and people could spot you from afar and your safety remains intact. For hot evenings indoor you can wear light makeup with your bright coloured clothes to make
strong fashion statements.


Light Fabric
Light fabrics such as chiffon and cotton lose their moisture fast and help you remain dry. So make these fabrics as your preferred choice of clothes. Avoid all heavy material fabrics and dresses like long skirts and jeans and opt for churidars or leggings in combination with short kurtis. The current buzzword is short and sweet. So, you can also go for hot pants, shorts, or three-fourths along with oversized top to give yourself a truly feminine look. Set of high waist pencil skirt and crop top is also grabbing lots of attention among college girls and you can wear one to entice your mate on one of your hot dates. Cotton maxi dress looks stylish while providing comfort. You can pair off these maxis with shorts to give yourself a carefree appearance. Complete your appearance with light dewy makeup and you would look striking, feminine and sexy.


Replace your long dupattas with scarves and stoles. Scarves are easier to handle and complement an outfit in a smarter manner. You can also use the scarves to wrap yourself when you feel cold in the windy rains. Wear any scarf of chiffon or cotton with your indo western dress and you are ready to enthrall the world.


Bags act as an elegant embellishment to any outfit. Don’t let the rainy season spoil your look and get waterproof bags that could withstand the season. The existing trend is for printed handloom bags that go particularly well with indo-western dress. So, get yourself stylish bags and look charming even in a downpour.


Shoes complete your personality and form an important part of your overall getup. However, it becomes difficult to wear complementary shoes in the heavy downpour. Still, there are several options such as crocs, rain boots, metallic sandals, and flip-flops that could complement your short casual dresses and enhance your appeal.



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